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To ensure all pupils:

  • develop an understanding and enjoyment of art, craft and design;
  • to enhance their natural creativity and individual expression;
  •  show development of ideas and their own skills through the use of a sketchbook;
  • develop their ability to observe, investigate, respond to and record the world around them through a growing variety of forms and media;
  • develop their use of a range of tools and media;
  • develop an understanding of the work of a variety of artists and apply this knowledge to their own work;
  • extend and enrich other curriculum areas through art.


In Nursery and Reception, the children begin to learn about shape and form using age appropriate vocabulary. They learn to independently explore and manipulate a variety of media in both 2d and 3d so that they are prepared to become artists as they progress through the national curriculum. In Key Stage 1, teachers use a variety of delivery and learning styles in art and design lessons in order to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject. Children are encouraged to explore and develop their own ideas and review, evaluate and modify work as appropriate. This is achieved through a mixture of whole class teaching and individual and group activities. Cross curricular links are made through art wherever possible and we host an Arts enrichment week once per year. This allows the children to make links, through all art forms, to their academic learning and their wider world experiences.