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To ensure all pupils:

  • acquire and develop useful skills that provide an ability to remember, repeat and refine actions they can perform with increasing control, coordination and fluency.
  •  develop competence in a broad range of physical activities.
  •  are physically active for sustained periods of time.
  •  engaging in competitive sports and activities.- with themselves and with others.
  •  able to lead healthy, active lives- mind and body.


  • Throughout our school, we follow Real PE. Our children develop in key areas whilst remaining active and enjoying fitness. We cover a range of different units within our lessons, all-encompassing the aims from Development Matters and The National Curriculum. These areas are; Personal; Social; Cognitive; Creative; Physical and Health and Fitness.  All classes will cover these six aims, focusing in on different areas during each unit. Each area covers a range of fundamental movement skills including: coordination, ball skills, balance and floor work. During the Early Years, we focus on ensuring that our children are enjoying PE and Sport and getting a good start to this knowledge. We want the children to have a love for PE and for this to carry on throughout their school life and further. The children always have access to an outdoor space, ensuring that they are using both their fine motor and gross motor skills during the day. The children are given a range of bikes, scooters and balance bikes to use during the day to develop their fitness and gross motor skills. The children are provided with Funky Fingers activities; giving them opportunities to use their fine motor skills on a daily basis. In KS1, children are explicitly taught 2 PE lessons. One with their class teacher, following the Real PE scheme, the other with a professional and qualified outside coach (all KS1 classes will have the opportunity to work with the coach throughout the year). This enables our children to develop a range of different skills that are taught by different people. During these lessons, the children will be taught: dance, gymnastics, OAA and skills that lead up to a competitive game. Each year, we hold a joint sports day with Ashbrook Junior School. This gives the children chance to link with older children; giving them something to strive towards when it comes to different fitness and sports related tasks. All of the children participate in the day; competing against other children, older and younger, taking part as a member of a larger team.