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To ensure all pupils:

  •  have the skills to be able to explore, discover and investigate
  •  can question the world around them and are curious
  •  gain scientific knowledge and scientific skills
  •  create scientific reasoning and experiments
  •  can evaluate their findings and suggest explanations
  •   receive lessons that are stimulating and exciting


  • Teaching and learning within Science is varied, inclusive and stimulating for all children. Children experience whole class teaching, enquiry-based research, independent learning and exploring the world around them. Through this, we develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding and give them chance to be able to question ideas and concepts around them; discussing ideas with their peers and adults around them. We ensure that all Reception and Nursery children are given the opportunity to explore and develop their understanding in Science. We relate the scientific aspects of the children’s work to the objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals. Science makes a significant contribution to developing a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world; promoting curiosity and experience. We ensure that the children have a range of experiences outside as well as indoors. Early scientific vocabulary is promoted to enable the children to make the links that they need to become scientists at Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 1, the children create experiments and set open ended tasks, exploring and creating their own reasoning for events- questioning what they are doing and why something is happening.