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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Helen Roebuck


Mrs Roebuck has overall responsibility for the teaching and learning in school.  She is also special needs  co-ordinator and makes sure all the children are safe and happy in school.  Mrs Roebuck is our Safeguarding Lead Person.  


Mrs Helen Jackson 

School Business Manager

Mrs Jackson ensures everything runs smoothly in school.  She looks after the school finances, health and safety and the school buildings and grounds.  She also runs the school office and is a First Aider. Mrs Jackson is also our Safeguarding Deputy.


Mrs Nicky Quinn

Early Years Lead 


Mrs Quinn is the Early Years Leader in school.  She teaches in Junglies Nursery.  She also has responsibility for Science across the school.  Mrs Quinn is a Derbyshire Early Years Lead Teacher and a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE)   Mrs Quinn is also our Safeguarding Deputy.


Mrs Holly Floyd


Mrs Floyd teaches our Reception children in Remarkable Rhinos Class.  She has responsibility for PSHCE and SMSC development and Geography.  



Mrs Sam Judd


Mrs Judd teaches our Year 2 children in Sensational Sharks Class.  She is our Every Child A Talker specialist teacher and has responsibility for History and Design Technology. 



Mrs Donna Webster


Mrs Webster teaches our Year 1 children in Jolly Jaguars Class.  She has responsibility for Maths, Music and Religious Education in school.


Miss Paige Chinellato


Miss Chinellato teaches our Reception children in Talented Turtles Class.  She is responsible for PE and school sport and Science. 


Miss Susan Whitehead

Family Resources Worker

Miss Whitehead works with our school and Ashbrook Junior School to provide information and support for our families. 


Specialist Teaching and Learning Assistants

Mrs Kate Chambers supports learning in Reception and Junglies Nursery.

Mrs Pam Rowland supports learning in Reception.

Ms Joe Regan supports learning in Jolly Jaguars Class.

Mrs Zoe Cross supports learning in Sensational Sharks Class.

Mrs Vicky Jones teaches in Sensational Sharks and Jolly Jaguars Classes and she supports children in Calm Chameleons 

Mrs Julia Smullen supports learning and teaches in Junglies and she supports children in Calm Chameleons

Mrs Jane Howarth supports learning in Reception.

Mrs Laura Marello supports learning in Reception. 

Ms Hayley Muir supports learning in reception.

Mrs Jo Clark supports learning in Jolly Jaguars.

Mrs Joanne Stanley supports learning in Junglies Nursery.


Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs Sarah Mann

Ms Tracy Barratt

Mrs Carmen Webb

Miss Becky Allsop

Mrs Kim Mills

Ms Ria Pettitt 

All the mid-day supervisors work hard to help us have happy lunchtimes.



Mrs Sarah Mann

Mrs Mann works hard to keep the school clean and tidy.



Mr Mick Savage

Mr Savage makes sure the school is a safe place and he mends broken things, cleans our classrooms and keeps everywhere looking smart.